Halloween in Florida: A World of Horror and Fun!

halloween party in florida

Halloween is one of the most beloved and celebrated holidays in the United States, and in Florida, every year, the spirit of the holiday reaches new heights of horror and fun. With its mild climate and a culture that embraces eclecticism, the Sunshine State offers a range of spooky shows, parties, and unique events that attract thousands of visitors from across the country, making October one of the most exciting months to visit Florida (discover why buying a house in Florida is worthwhile and which are the best cities to live in).

Can't-Miss Halloween Parties in Florida

Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando Resort

You can’t go wrong by starting with the queen of all parties! Halloween Horror Nights is one of Florida’s most iconic Halloween events, hosted annually by Universal Orlando Resort, which transforms into a world of fear and terror. Haunted houses, live shows, and frightening zones scattered throughout the park take over, providing a unique and intense experience for all horror enthusiasts.

Ultimate Horror Weekend, Orlando

Still in beautiful Orlando, just outside the gates of its famous Universal Orlando Resort, the Ultimate Horror Weekend, organized by Spooky Empire, takes place. With its exclusive horror events, Spooky Empire has distinguished itself in the United States, gaining a fan community worldwide. The Ultimate Horror Weekend is a spectacular Halloween-themed party where famous characters join the city’s monsters, ready to celebrate this spectral season with sounds, screams, and music!

halloween party Orlando

Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at Walt Disney World Resort

If you prefer a more family-friendly version of Halloween, Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at Walt Disney World Resort is the perfect choice. This event offers a lighter and more joyful atmosphere with special parades, Disney characters in costume, and themed shows. Masked children can go trick-or-treating throughout the amusement park, while adults can enjoy the enchanted atmosphere that makes this holiday a bit less horror and more family-friendly.

halloween kids party in Florida

Fantasy Fest in Key West

Fantasy Fest is a unique event in Key West, home to one of Florida’s best beaches, and goes beyond the traditional Halloween celebration. Conceived in 1979 by a small group of Key West residents to attract visitors and showcase the beauty of their island, today this party is the wildest and most iconic event around! Ten days of street performances, parades, concerts, and themed parties with bold and creative costumes. The keyword here is “fantasy,” making this party one of the most memorable in all of Florida.

Zombie Bike Ride in Key West

Also in Key West, you’ll find the Zombie Bike Ride, a fun and quirky event. Thousands of people dress up as zombies and ride their bikes through the island’s streets. It’s a unique party that combines cycling and spectral fun, with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

halloween zombie ride Key West Florida

Now that you know about the main Halloween parties in Florida this season, all that’s left is to choose the one that’s right for you! And if you don’t want to miss anything among the numerous events crowding Florida’s calendar, NEO has the right solution for you: by accessing the platform, you can browse through thousands of real estate listings and choose your new dream home in Miami, Orlando, or any other city in the Sunshine State!

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